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These Mums Do Fitness is a gym-free personal training company based in Sale, South Manchester.  The focus is on getting women & Mums back to fitness through classes, personal or small group training and online Zoom classes.

The These Mums Do Running Club has been developed to help people start on their running journey and then improve/enhance their running ability.  The aim is to create a running community in Sale for women

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Due to Covid-19, a lot of things have changed but I’m please do announce that as of September 2020, we can get back to training on a face to face basis.

All classes must now be pre-booked and you are no longer able to drop into any sessions.  This is all done via an online booking system which shows my full timetable.  Spaces are limited on each session so please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.  Full flexibility is given on the system and should you no longer be able to make your session, you just go in and cancel/transfer the booking free on charge.  Book online here

Full risk assessments have been carried out for all face to face sessions and a Covid policy has been written to ensure safety is maintained at all times.  You must read and complete this online Covid form prior to attending the class

If you haven’t attended before, please can you also fill out my Prescreening form

Flexible Approach

Life with kids is extremely busy so These Mums Do has been created to enable Mums to incorporate a fitness plan into their weekly routine– with the ability to train with your babies/toddlers present in the days or when they’re tucked up in bed in the evening.  These Mums Do is for both the novice exerciser as well as experienced one, with all sessions tailored to individual client’s needs.

Get Active

Each session will focus on improving your fitness levels, working the core muscles and having fun!  I want to not only help Mums on their fitness journey, but also help them to meet new people, make new friends, get some support and get active.

The newly developed Zoom online classes are an amazing way of working out without the need for childcare – an affordable way of working out in the comfort of your own home.

My Aim

Is to make training affordable to everyone and help Mums recognise their potential.  The whole ethos is about making Mums realise they can do anything, be anyone and surprise themselves.  I also want to impart my love of exercise – especially running, on others.  I’m a huge believer in the idea that everyone can run, as long as they have the right tools and training #thesemumsdo

Facts About Me

In terms of the facts for you – I’m a Level 2 qualified trainer specialising in pre and post-natal fitness who is working towards Level 3 as I type!  I offer a range of services to Mums – group classes at the same time and place every week, online classes, 1:1 personal training and small group training sessions. I’m completely mobile so I bring everything to you so you don’t need to pay for any expensive gym memberships on top of my sessions

“From personal experience, getting out and doing some exercise can really improve your mood and help you through the craziness which ensues when a newborn baby arrives!”

My Story

My name’s Becca and I live in Sale, Cheshire and I’m a Mum (and wife!) with 2 kids and a very mental dog!! I’ve become a personal trainer to help Mums get back to fitness after having their little ones. After going through my very own battle back to fitness after having both babies, my aim is to now help others Mum’s with their journey.

I put on a LOT of weight with both babies – can’t really tell you why (cake had a little to do with it!) but I have managed to lose all of it – twice! It was no walk in the park (literally!!). A little part of it was down to my personal determination, but primarily it was the way I did it.

12 weeks after having my daughter, I joined a fitness class and this was the start of my journey. I took me 9 months but I finally got to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitted back into my jeans and I was hooked with the exercise bug! I have even learned to love running (it took a while…) but it’s now one of my favourite things – that and drinking wine!! (I’m a huge believer in everything in moderation!!)

I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave with my 2nd baby and I decided to use it as an opportunity to do something that I love and am really passionate about. I now want to help Mums on their own fitness journeys and meet their own goals and at the same time, give them the opportunity that I had – to be able to meet new people, get some support and get active.

Award Winning!

I am extremely proud to announce that I have won the Raring2Go Altrincham & Sale Award for the best pre/post natal class in the area – as voted by you 2 years on the bounce for 2018 & 2019!

I am so proud to have received this as it was all voted for by the public so thank you to all my members.  I’m so pleased you enjoy my classes and running clubs and cant wait to continue to get the ladies of Trafford fit and active!

My aim is to make training affordable to every budget and I hope my pricing structure reflects this. For each Personal Training client, I will do a detailed goal setting session prior to starting out as there’s no point in training if you don’t know what you want out of it. After working out your goals, I will then design you a tailor made programme which will get you to hit your targets

I also offer group training sessions for 2-6 people. This can either be groups of people that already know each other f, or I put similar, like minded people into groups with similar goals to yourself.

If you want any further information on pricing, please just get in contact and I’d be happy to discuss everything in more detail

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1:1 Training (45 MIN SESSIONS)

One off session – £35 per hour
5 sessions – £160 (£32 per hour)
10 sessions – £300 (£30 per hour)

Group Training

2 people – from £25 per person
3 people – from £20 per person
4 people – from £18 per person
5 people – from £15 per person
6 people – £50 for 5 sessions – £10 per person


Park Classes & 5k Smash:

£5.50 per session or 5 sessions for £22 via a class pass

Online Zoom Classes:

£3.50 per session or 7 sessions for £22 via a class pass

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"I certainly wouldn't be (nearly) back into my pre-baby wardrobe if it weren't for this class and being able to take my little one along"

Ellie, Mum to Rufus

"I cannot believe that in the last 7 days I've run 18.13km. I could not have done this without the motivation and support from Becca and the support from all the lovely running group ladies who make it so much fun"

Debbie, Beginners Running Club

"Last night, in the cold, I ran for 25 minutes straight and then didnt drink wine. This is a huge achievement for me! Thank you so much Becca, you rock"

Kirsten, Running Club
Mum and Baby Exercise Class @ Davyhulme Park, Urmston

Canterbury Road, Urmston,
M41 0RA

Monday – 9.30 – 10.30

The park is situated just on the outskirts of Urmston town centre off Crofts Bank Road. There is ample free on street parking around the park. The class meets by the pond inside the park.


Mum and Baby Exercise Class @ Worthington Park, Sale

Broad Road, Sale,
M33 2FR

Tuesday – 9.30 – 10.30

The park is situated on Broad Road close to the centre of Sale. There is plenty of free on street parking around the park. The class meets at the bandstand in the middle of the park.


Mum and Baby Exercise Class @ Stamford Park, Altrincham

Stamford Park Road, Altrincham, WA15 8HR

Wednesday- 10.00 – 11.00

The park is situated on the outskirts of Altrincham town centre, close to Altrincham FC. There is ample free on street parking around the park as well as a small car park in the park. The class meets by flagpole and pond in the park

Ladies Only Exercise Class @ Sale Sports Club, Sale

Clarendon Crescent, Sale,
M33 2DE

Wednesday 7.30 – 8.30pm

The Sports club is on the corner of Clarendon Crescent & Dane Road and there is ample free parking available.  Dependent on the weather we will be outside on the tennis courts or inside in the function room of the clubhouse.

Beginners Running Club

Just £40 for 10 weeks

NEXT 10 WEEK PROGRAMME will begin on Monday 4th January 2021 and will be based in Sale, South Manchester.  

For just £40, I am offering a trainer led 10 week Couch to 5K programme.  This is a beginners running class to get you well on your way to running 5K.

On Week 1, you will be given a detailed 10 week programme which will consist of 3 workouts per week – 1 of which you will do with me in a group and the other 2 sessions you can fit into your own schedule.

Every Monday, we will meet at the main gates of Worthington Park, Sale at 7.30pm and together we will complete the first run of the week.  This will be round the streets of Sale and the session will last aprox 45 minutes.  Each weeks session will be different and primarily involve the walk/run method which gradually increases your endurance levels.

By the end of week 10 you will be able to comfortably run for 30 minutes plus and be well on your way to being able to easily complete 5K.

5k Boost

£50 for an 8 week course

You’ve got to 5k but you want to increase your confidence and do it more comfortably and a bit quicker…this is the course for you.

The next step from the beginners club is this.  Using various different training methods to focus on endurance, speed and pace.  Jenna, my Run Leader, will take you through an 8 week course and by the end of it you’ll have the confidence you need to carry on running.

5k Smash

£5.50 per session or £22 for 5 sessions via a class pass

You’ve got to 5k but you want to increase your pace and endurance then this is the class for you.

Advanced session – 8pm – 8.45pm

Intermediate session – 8.15pm – 9pm

Using various training methods, this class looks to build your endurance, increase your fitness levels and get you running quicker. We do Interval training to increase your current pace, Tempo training to look at speed, Fartlek (speedplay) training to build up your speed and endurance and various other fun methods.  I also run some sessions mixing running and toning exercises to build muscle strength and therefore endurance.

This is fabulous cross training class using 8 or 9 different techniques on a rotation and is a definite for all runners of any ability – only pre-requisite is you need to be able to comfortably run 4k.

5-10k Running Club

Just £55 for 8 weeks


For just £55, an 8 week 5-10k programme led by my Run Leader Nat.  This is a running class suitable for those who can already run 5k to get you well on your way to running 10K.

On Week 1, you will be given an 8 week programme which will consist of 3 workouts per week – 1 of which you will do with me in a group and the other 2 sessions you can fit into your own schedule.

Meet is at the main gates of Worthington Park, Sale at 7.30pm every Tuesday and together we will complete the first run of the week.  This will be round the streets of Sale and the session will last between 40 and 60 minutes.  Each weeks session will involve the walk/run method which increases your endurance levels.

By the end of week 8 you will be able to comfortably run for 60 minutes plus and be well on your way to being able to easily complete 10K


Since 2018, I have worked in partnership with Debbie Gallimore who is a registered nutritional therapist who has run her own successful business in Sale since 2012.

Together we are extremely passionate about women’s health and weight loss and the mix of embedding the right diet and exercise means our two businesses work in perfect synergy.

We work together to provide nutritional challenges and dietary resets online to groups of women looking to learn sustainable, long term habits to overhaul their diets and teach them how to fuel themselves correctly along side getting active and improving their fitness.  It is an education of what to eat to ensure you can have a healthy, fun and energetic lifestyle.

Please get in touch for more information about the challenges we run


When can I start?

For my post natal park classes, if you’ve had a natural delivery, you can start exercise from 6 weeks postnatal and if you’ve had a C-Section, it’s 10-12 weeks post. It really important that you have had your 6 week check with the GP prior to starting any exercise (or with the Health Visitor if the GP isn’t an option for you) but mum’s can join in at any time you feel ready to start after this up.

For my evening class and all my Zoom sessions, they’re suitable from 6 months post natally through to any age.

The running club is for all abilities.  The recommendation is to be at least 4 months post natal before returning to running and I recommend being at least 4-6 months due to the 7.15 start time – it’s tough to get out every Monday at 7pm with a baby younger than 4-6 months (it’s tough when they’re 4 years old sometimes!!)

How do I join?

For the exercises classes in the parks, you need to book online prior to attending. If you are coming for the first time, you will need to fill out a pre-screening questionnaire prior to your first session – here,

For personal training (group or 1:1), please get in touch with me and we can discuss all the different options available to you.

For the running clubs, for beginners, 5k Boost and the 5-10k clubs, they run in fixed time courses so please get in touch for the next start dates.

For 5k Smash, these are also on my booking system.  Advanced is at 8pm and Intermediate is at 8.15pm.  You will need to fill out a pre-screening questionnaire prior to your first session online here.

How much does it cost?

For the face to face classes and the 5k Smash run club, it’s £5.00 per session or £20 for 5 (£4.00 per session) as a class pass

For the online Zoom sessions, it’s just £3 per session or you can buy 7 for £20 as a class pass

Prices vary for group and 1:1 personal training – please click here for more information

What if it rains? (we are in Manchester after all!)

We do the workouts come rain or shine – unless the weather man tells us to stay inside or if it’s snowing (no-one’s that keen, surely??!!) so please make sure you come prepared for both yourself and the baby – lightweight waterproofs and pram rain covers are essential. There are areas under tree cover which we can move to which give a little extra protection from the elements

If the weather is too horrible to be outside in with your babies, I will move the session online and will do it via Zoom so you can work out in the comfort of your own home and not have to survive the elements.

What to bring?

For the classes, all you need to bring is an exercise mat and bottle of water – especially if you’re breastfeeding as you’re more susceptible to dehydration and then a snack like a banana (wouldn’t advise cake!!) for the way home in case you need an energy boost.

Also, for babies, it might be advisable to bring them a drink and snack to see them through the hour. Their favourite toy could also be handy too to keep them happy!

For the run club, all you need is a bottle of water and in winter, your flashing arm band.  You get given a band on your first session and it’s your responsibility to keep it and wear it every week when it’s dark to keep yourself visible and safe.  I recommend running with your phone for safety and potential emergencies.  A running belt or arm holder is recommended rather than running with your phone in your hand.

What do I need to wear?

  • Trainers – proper footwear is essential. You need trainers which will support and cushion when doing exercise. Good trainers will reduce your injury risk, especially if you’ve not done exercise in a while.
  • Sports Bra – your breasts change so much during and after pregnancy, it is essential that you support them correctly when doing exercise – and this is even more important if you are breastfeeding. It’s advised to feed before doing exercise so you are more “comfortable”!! For more information on good sports bras, I highly recommend the website who offer a fab range including maternity ones.
  • Light layers – we all know how changeable the weather is. It’s best to wear a few light layers so you can easily remove then during the workout
  • Flashing Arm Bands – for winter run club, please wear your flashy’s to keep yourself visible and safe when on the roads
  • Running belt/arm band – to keep your hands free for running but to keep your valuables like car keys and phones safe and on your person



I am constantly keeping updated with the government guidelines in regards to the pandemic COVID-19.  Full risk assessments have been carried out and an up to date COVID policy is written and uploaded onto this website.  This policy must be read by all new participants to the class prior to them taking part and all participants will agree to adhere to the policy. Covid Agreement

Should you have any questions in regards to safety and any COVID specific practices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I want to keep you safe so have done everything I can to ensure this.

Becca Broadbent


These Mums Do takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you’ve requested – when clicking send, you will only be contact about the services/offer you have enquired about

    I’m a Triathlete – epic!!

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    On the back of my first ever Triathlon at the weekend, I thought I’d write a review of it to hopefully inspire a few of you to sign up as I absolutely loved it!

    I have done so many run events that I wanted to change it up and do something a bit different, give myself a new challenge…not knowing when I signed up that there would be no blinking races for 18 months due to Covid but that’s a different story!  So after umpteen reschedules, the day finally came on Sunday when I took part in UK Triathlon’s North West Tri.

    The event took place in Nantwich and the primary reason I signed up for this one over others was due to the fact that it wasn’t an open water swim, but the swim was in an outdoor heated pool – much more in my comfort zone!  I did a sprint Tri which is 500m swim, 20k cycle and 5k run – all doable distances on their own but when put back to back, I was intrigued to see how it would work!

    So lets talk prep…

    I wouldn’t advise the training plan I used as I didn’t actually really use one.  A classic example of do as I say, not what I do but as some of you are aware, I’ve had a few other events going on recently so I didn’t have much time to dedicate to specific training.  I have tried to get a swim in every week for the last 6 – 8 weeks so that was good as swimming is not my forte – I’m relatively quick but I cannot do front crawl to save my life.  So a fast breast stroke it was going to have to be.  A few days before the event I realised I hadn’t ever swam in the tri-suit that I’d bought – error!  I couldn’t have the first wear being at the race so I took myself off to the leisure centre and luckily for me, turns out I could still swim in the suit!! Phew

    I’ve obviously been doing a LOT of running so didn’t need to add that into my schedule and then bike – I should have done more, lets put it that way!  But I did so a couple of “brick training” sessions and I did a mini duathlon which I was very chuffed with.  Brick training is practicing the cycle then run element as it’s pretty insane.  The reason it’s called brick training I think is due to your legs feeling like bricks post cycle when you try and run.  You do it to build muscle memory and to help regulate pace and effort so that you’re able to hit your goal distance.

    So with the not so perfect training plan executed, it came to a few days before the event when I manically text a few of my friends who have done triathlons before and organised to go and see my friend Kate briefly after the kids swimming to get a run down of do’s and dont’s!!

    So I scribbled down notes of what Kate said and took down instructions of what I need to take with me, advice on what to take to help fuel the event, what to do when I got there, etc and it was brilliant.  I started to feel a bit calmer – I knew I had everything I needed and that was a relief and with the loan of her tri-belt for my race number I started to think I could actually do this.

    So the morning of the event I felt pretty nervous (standard for me!!) Had my porridge and then got in the car.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done an event all on my own – normally I know someone from my group who’s doing it or there’s a huge crew of us – this only compounded the nervousness.  Hopefully I wouldn’t get lost.  Plus – who knew how far Nantwich was…an hour!  Thought it was just past Northwich – turns out its pretty much Crewe!!  Anyhoo…I made it there and parked up.

    First thing to do was go grab your number so you were officially registered – number 413!  I got given a bag and an envelope with a set of rules on it.  Who knew how many rules there were for a tri – very different to running.  3 stickers – 2 for your bike and 1 for your helmet.  A wristband to go on your right wrist and a chip  that goes in a black band for your left ankle – for anyone who knows me, you know I struggle with left and right so this sent me into a panic.  Nervous panic almost resulted in a few tears but I had a word with myself and realised it was all ok and I started to feel better.

    I got all my stuff (or so I thought) and put it into the blue plastic bag provided and then headed over to the transition to get sorted for the swim and bike – I dont have cliques so was just cycling in my trainers so there was nothing required for the 2nd transition from bike to run.  It was about a 10-15 min walk down the road from the car park and event registration to the pool which was really well sign posted and I was feeling good.  Got to where I needed to be, had a nervous wee and then waited to have my number called forward.  Due to Covid, they were limiting the numbers going into transition so it wasn’t too busy – it worked well.  I then suddenly realised I’d left my swim hat and goggles in the car – nightmare.

    But I couldn’t do anything about it so I just had to crack on.  I got set up for transition – bike racked, helmet off, shoes and socks laid out, towel and t-shirt over rail and number put onto belt along with gel for the run in holder.  Drink of choice for the bike is tried and tested Tailwind which is a fab supplement which fuels you with and I quote, “the perfect ratio of calories, electrolytes and hydration”.  Tastes ok too (I’ve got the raspberry one) which always helps.

    I then headed over to the pool (the only novice without goggles or a bloody swim hat!!) and waited in line till it was my turn.  Everyone was lovely – lots of women, loads of first timers which really helped to put me at ease.  Pool looked nice and inviting – was dreading it being freezing and a bit of a scrum.  But no, everyone set off at 30 second intervals and the pool was split into 4 lanes and it was warm!!  Lovely leisurely swim on a Sunday morning – not!!  You did 4 laps of the 30 metre pool in each lane and then moved to the next one and then there were steps to get out (did have visions of me having to hoick myself out ungracefully!!)

    500m swim – done.  Then onto the bike.  This was the one bit which blew my mind more than any other – how can you cycle soaking wet?? Well turns out in a tri-suit its fine!!  Towelled myself down a little, socks and shoes on, charity t-shirt thrown over suit for a little extra warmth.  Then helmet on (as you get disqualified if you dont have your helmet on before taking the bike of the rack) and finally clipped my race number round my waist and then I was good to go.  Threw the towel and bits in the bag.  You left this where it was and then volunteers grab them up and take them to the bag pick up bit at the end – genius as I had no idea what in the world to do with my car key!!

    Then the cycle.  It should have been 20km but due to a diesel spill on the road, the police had advised was unsuitable for cyclists so they had to last minute change the route so it was only 15-16k (wasn’t bothered about this in the slightest as you can imagine!!!) The weather was amazing – we were so lucky.  It was forecast to be rain all morning but it was properly cracking the flags.  Fab flattish route on some lovely country lanes – really well sign posted so I didn’t worry about getting lost at any point.  Had to keep reminding myself to drink my Tailwind…this I now know I should have practised more.  It’s surprisingly hard to get used to taking the bottle out, drinking and putting it back in (well it was for me anyway!!).  Anyway.. then all of a sudden we were back at the park and were going into transition 2 to get ready for the run.  Making sure not to get disqualified, I dismounted at the correct line and dashed into the transition area.  I ditched my bike in a suitable spot (almost forgetting to take my helmet off!!), switched my number round to the front as you have to wear it on your back for the cycle and then went running.

    This was my bread and butter so I wasn’t bothered but god that first 500m off a bike running is mental!!  You cant understand it until you actually do it but I knew it would get easier.  The run was a 5k but it was 4 laps of a 1.33k loop which I knew but on grass – not what I was expecting!  It was better than I thought – I was hoping for approx 27 – 28 mins and did it in about 26 something so was buzzing.  What I didn’t expect was to see how many people were walking on the run – proper fit (athletic fit) men were walking on a 5k – blew my mind a little.  But I loved the run – after doing the GNR 1/2 marathon the week before, I knew that a 5k no matter how hard it felt was totally doable and I just had to keep my legs and arms moving.

    So then it ended – it was fab it wasn’t a mass finish so the guy on the microphone announced everyones name and where they were from on the tannoy which was a lovely thing.  The medal was handed to you straight away and then you were into the main event bit with all the spectators and athletes celebrating their achievements.

    Brilliant event.  I was buzzing!  Bag collected, then went and found my bike and got back to the car.  No changing rooms which I thought was a little annoying (minor annoyance!!) so just threw on some tracksuit bottoms and sat on a carrier bag so as to not ruin the seat!! and headed on home to eat alllllll the food!

    So in summary – loads of rules to follow but quite simple ones, lots of stuff to remember (I will never forget my goggles again!!) but it was brilliant.  Fabulous event – so well organised and I will definitely be back to do another one in the future.  It was no where near as brutal as I thought it would be – I was stressing and overthinking the transitions where in actual fact there’s nothing to be worried about at all.  Yes I could have been quicker, yes I could have trained a little bit better but do you know what – I had fun and I was in good company as everyone I spoke to was so supportive and lovely it made it much less daunting.


    If you’re thinking of signing up for one or even contemplating the thought of it – get in touch as I reckon there’s a few of us who will do one next year…