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September 2016

1 month in and my first Networking Event!

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I’ve officially been in business a month tomorrow and things are still going well.  I had a lower number of people come to my classes next week and was a bit down about that, but I totally understand that it’s what happens as it’s the nature of a drop in class.  The huge positive that I’m taking is that the people that are coming are buying bulk sessions which (hopefully!!) means they’re happy with the classes and want to make it part of their routines which is amazing.

As I’m so new to leading the classes, I’ve been really pushing everyone for feedback and so far, it’s all been positive and I’ve been able to use some of their suggestions to improve my teaching style and the classes.  I tried something different last week at my Wednesday night class which was a session with a bit of a HIIT focus and it went down well – although the aching the next day wasnt appreciated by all the ladies!!  Ha ha – no pain no gain!!

I found out about a local company networking event being held this morning so I thought I’d attend and I’m so glad I did.  I met some lovely people and got some great contacts and hints for improvements to the website and some ideas of where to get some free things from Trafford Council for new businesses – definitely something to look into.  The events run every month so I will definitely go back and will let friends who run businesses know too as the more we can meet and network, the bigger and better our companies will become.

The final hurray for this week is the Beginners Running Club which I’m starting next week.  I’ve had over 40 people enquire about it!  12 people to date are fully paid up and coming with another 19 people who are potentially going to come to.  Will be more of a running “mob” than a club!!!  So excited about this and I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to already grow organically and fill a gap in the market 🙂

Amazed and a little overwhelmed!!

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So yesterday marked This Mum Can Fitness being in business for just 3 weeks and I am totally overwhelmed with the response that I’ve had since I started.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind and things have gone better than I ever could have expected!  I’ve started 2 brand new weekly classes in Sale, am in the process of starting a running club and there’s still more to come.  I’m currently waiting for approval from Trafford Council to start another 2 classes and i’m so close to finishing my course.

I’m currently at 175 likes on Facebook and 94 followers on Twitter and that blows my mind!  I’m so grateful for everyone who’s bothered to follow my page, like a funny picture that I’ve posted or shared one of my posts.

Lets see what the next few weeks bring!!  I’m so excited…