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October 2016

Month #2!!

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Month #2 is nearing to a close and it’s been great but gone far too quickly!  Today is my baby boy’s 1st Birthday and I cant believe it.  So much has happened and changed in the last year and I took a huge risk in starting up a brand new business but it’s paying off.

I’ve got 3 personal training clients now and my classes are going from strength to strength.  I started in Urmston 3 weeks ago and have met some lovely ladies over there who have started on their fitness journeys.  My plan was to get out and flyer and poster all round Urmston on Monday but Harry had different ideas and was poorly so we had to put that on hold – hopefully will get to it next week!  Need to start spreading the word and get it as popular as the Sale one!

I’m averaging between 8-10 people per class which is fabulous and the running club is going great.  The ladies managed to do 2 x 5 minute runs without stopping this week and I am in awe of how well everyone is doing.  The little facebook group that I’ve set up on there is really popular and I love seeing the ladies on there organising their own runs and making new friends – it’s exactly what I hoped it would be used for and is totally the essence of why I set up This Mum Can.

So I’ve now got a manic 5 days with Harry’s birthday today, off to see Stickman at the Lowry on Friday, joint Birthday party for both kids on Saturday afternoon and finishing with Chloes 4th birthday on Sunday!!  Who has kids with birthdays 4 days apart….and always in October half term!!  Ha ha

Running Club…what can I say – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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So what started as a simple Facebook post to a popular group called “What’s on in Sale” on a sunday night 3 weeks ago, has turned into one of the best things ever!  This Mum Can’s first every running group started on Monday night and it was amazing!  There were 30 of us – more of a clan than a club!  It was everything I hoped it would be – friendly, enthusiastic, fun – everything that exercise needs to be to make it remain part of your life.

To all of you who came on Monday – huge round of applause.  Many of you were extremely nervous and I hope I put you at ease with my little ramble before starting.  You are genuinely all in the same boat and as I told some of you on Monday – you have done the hardest thing, you signed up to a class and came!  I know it sounds like its nothing but that is HUGE – it’s the biggest step towards getting fit.

There are varying levels of fitness in the group which is to be expected but you all have one goal – to learn how to run!  It may take some longer than others because there are some (annoying) people who are natural runners and there are some (like me!) who have to battle through every minute to get to the rest time.  Please please please stick with it!  You will see improvements so quickly – trust me!  If you stick to your 3 runs a week, you will achieve your goal and we will SMASH Stretford Parkrun on Saturday 10th December!!

I set up a closed group on Facebook for the runners to get to know each other and to stay in contact to motivate each other and shout about their achievements so I really hope that helps maybe create some friendships and support everyone through the 10 weeks.

I cant wait to see if I can bring this club to other locations – the only tough thing is not having enough nights in the week so i’m hoping I can do lunchtime or before work ones to Altrincham/Hale and maybe Urmston.  Please spread the word and get people to contact me if they are interested in getting started.