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November 2016

November….it’s been bloody cold!

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Novembers been a tough month.  It’s been ridiculously cold but I am still so immensely proud of everything that is happening with the business.  It’s been hard for a number of reasons – the weather, lower numbers at classes, the fact the whole world seems to be poorly and blinking Trafford Council still not approving my Altrincham class.

Last week I was feeling a bit down about everything and properly doubting myself as to whether I can make this work and make it a viable income to live on but this week I’m feeling a lot more positive.  I’ve had some amazing conversations with members of the class and it’s helped so much.

On Monday I was chatting to the two members of my Urmston class about post natal depression and how badly the so called “baby blues” can affect you and it was amazing to hear them open up to each other and talk it through.  It really re-affirmed how important it is to talk about how you are feeling because almost all the time, not only have people have been through similar and can resonate with you but saying how you feel and getting reassurance that you’re not going crazy is one of the best things ever.

Then on Monday evening at my running club I was amazed at how long everyone could run and heard some fabulous progress updates.  Not only did everyone run for 30 mins with just a 1 minute break which just astounds me, I heard that one of the members has lost a whopping 2 inches from her waist, 1 has started to put on weight for the first time in 2 years (which is her aim!) and someone else had lost over half a stone – just in 10 weeks.

Tuesday it was below freezing -1 but I still had a great turnout of 7 amazing mums to my class to have a workout. It was cold but a proper beautiful British morning which really helped!

Finally today – I trained one of my PT clients this morning and got the most lovely text from her after the session which basically just said thanks, really cleared her head and properly set her up for the day – amazing!

All these things just make it so worthwhile.  It might be a tough (and extremely cold!!) slog through winter but I’ve decided to stay positive and do everything I can to make this work.  I’m absolutely loving everything about my new “job” and I put it in inverted commas because it genuinely doesn’t feel like work when i’m training people.  I have so much fun and love meeting so many people and helping them through whatever challenges they’re facing.

Hearing success stories and being part of those is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done!

Right…enough of being cheesy now.  The plans for This Mum Can for January are extremely exciting – a new beginners running club, a 5k Smash run club, a 5-10k run club, maybe a new class in Sale and surely to god Trafford Council cant take much longer to approve my Altrincham class…surely!!  Roll on the Christmas Party on the 13th – see you there for a few cheeky prosecco’s!!

National Stress Awareness Day – 02/11/16

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With everything we have to balance now between life, the kids and work, it’s no wonder most people walk around in a chronic state of stress.  Stress is in essence an inevitable part of life.  There is an extremely strong correlation between using exercise to manage stress levels so to mark National Stress Awareness Day today, I’ve done some research and have compiled my thoughts in this blog.

Exercise is vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can definitely reduce stress levels. When stress affects the brain, the rest of the body feels the impact as well, so it stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind. According to ADAA, studies have shown that exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. This can be especially helpful when stress has depleted your energy or ability to concentrate.

Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects – a workout can help take your mind off your worries.

Aerobic exercise is key for your head (and your heart) You may not agree at first as the first steps are the hardest, and in the beginning, exercise will be more work than fun. But as you start improving your fitness levels, you’ll begin to tolerate exercise, then finally you’ll begin enjoying it (hopefully).

Physical activity improves your body’s ability to use oxygen and also improves blood flow. Both of these changes have a direct effect on your brain.  When we exercise, hormones are released. Stress hormones such as cortisol are decreased and ‘feel good’ chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) are released, therefore helping to naturally enhance your mood and reduce stress.

The repetitive motions involved in exercise promote a focus on your body, rather than your mind. By concentrating on the rhythm of your movements, you experience many of the same benefits of meditation while working out.

Most people notice an improvement in their mood immediately after a workout. Those feelings don’t end there, but generally become cumulative over time. If you make exercise part of your normal routine, the chances are, you will find committing to regular exercise much easier.  Frequent aerobic exercise will bring amazing changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your spirits. It has the ability to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress.

By improving your physical health, the hope is you’ll have one less to feel stressed about.