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January – you’ve been a dream!

By 1st February 2017Uncategorised

Sorry I’ve not blogged in a while – I think if you read on you will see why I’ve not quite had the chance to sit down and write but I’ve just made myself stop for an hour and take stock of what’s happened in the last 6 weeks!  First off – thank you so much to everyone who came down for my This Mum Can Christmas Party – it was so amazing to see so many of you down there socially and I promise to do another one soon!

Now….onto my musings about January…

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a January so much in all my life!  I definitely had no time for the January blues or to stop and think how quick Christmas passed this year as it’s been a bit of a blur!  So many great things have happened.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a list so here goes – this is my January highlights:

  • I started 5 new classes in January – crazy!
  • 35 ladies started my beginners Couch to 5k Running Club
  • I started 5k Smash and RunFit classes on a Monday night and have so far had a record number of 23 people come and that was last week so who knows where this is going to go!
  • My Kellogg Running Club finished and the lovely Laura managed to run for 30 minutes non stop – in just 10 weeks and has now signed herself up for a 10k race in March I may (maybe!!) have created another runner!!
  • 84 new likes on Facebook
  • Hit over 300 followers on Twitter
  • Survived Jamie being away for a week in the US – thank you so much to my amazing friends who helped me out with babysitting in the evenings – and huge kudos to Harry for keeping me up every night just to make that week even harder than it needed to be!!! #teethingtoddler
  • I completed Runuary 2017 which was an event which challenged me to run everyday in January.  I ran a pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) 108k in January!!  It was bloody tough going and some days I only managed a meagre 200-300 metres but I did it – I even dragged the dog round with me a few times which he wasn’t too impressed about!
  • I’ve had my biggest classes to date in Worthington Park with a whopping 15 mums and babies coming down to workout and then had an amazing 11 ladies down to my Wednesday evening class at Sale Sports Club
  • Had the most amazing Sports Massage at Dymanic Chiropractic in Sale – was worth the pain (and multiple apologies about my swearing) as I felt lighter than air when it was done and I think I actually bounced out the place!!

So it’s safe to say January – you’ve been a dream, a very tiring, knackering and achy dream but I really hope that February turns into #fabulousfebruary which is currently trending on Twitter, I cant wait to see what it holds for me and This Mum Can – slightly regretting the challenge I made with my friend Alex that we’d both run another 100k in February!!  Roll on the lighter nights and warmer mornings – little bit bored of wearing 4 layers every day!!

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