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Nutrition Challenge Q&A

By 20th March 2024Uncategorised

I have been running Nutrition Challenges with the wonderful Debbie Gallimore since 2019 and they have grown and developed after each challenge to what we now know is an awesome format to help and support groups of women throughout the year focus on eating and fuelling in the best possible way.

The upcoming challenge is 21 days of focusing on balancing your blood sugars and trying to eat in a way which increases your energy levels and reduces the need to crave those sugar or caffeine fixes.

The basic “rules” of the challenge are pretty simple – eat protein with every meal, have 3 good meals every single day, drink loads of water and reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake but you get a lot more information than that obviously!!

But anyway – enough from me. I have done a Q&A with 2 of the regular attendees of the nutrition challenges Helen & Caroline all about why they do them, what they get out of them, etc so you can hear from actual participants to make your decision to join us on the next one. You genuinely wont regret it – it totally revolutionises how you eat and it makes you feel incredible. So here goes…

Question 1 – tell us a bit about you:

Caroline – Hi everyone, I’m Caroline. I enjoy exploring, travelling and having fun adventures with my family. During the week I’m balancing a demanding job, my daughter’s activities & the challenges of an aging parent; pretty much like everyone else! 

Helen – I’m a middle aged mum of 2 trying to navigate the perimenopause merry-go-round.

Question 2 – What made you sign up to your 1st ever Nutrition Challenge?

Caroline – I love Becca’s fitness ethos & her sessions give me the focus to maintain my fitness levels. I’ve worked with Debbie really successfully for 4 years now & overhauled my already healthy diet to offset some health conditions. I signed up for my first session to meet like minded women & have a community of support online as I continued my nutritional changes. Becca’s workouts were an added bonus! 

Helen – I wanted to lose weight and eat more healthily and to do it with support sounded great

Question 3 – How many have you completed and what make you keep coming back?

Caroline – Lots – I’ve lost count! Each challenge offered something slightly different & I loved exploring the nutritional recipes at different times of the year.

Helen – I think I’ve completed about 6 plans. Each time I add a little bit from each one into my daily habits – like drinking more water and eating more protein and reducing how much sugar myself (and my family) eat. I use each one as a detox to punctuate my year. 

Question 4 – What are the top things you get from completing the challenges?

Caroline – 1) A wealth of nutritional and fitness guidance, 2) Amazing seasonal recipes, and 3) Support and encouragement from other women 

Helen – 1) Lose weight, 2) learn healthier ways of eating, and 3) remembering to add exercise into my week.

Question 5 – How does eating well make you feel?

Caroline – Energised – ready for everything that there is to enjoy in life and that life has to throw at you

Helen – Fresher, lighter, better, more confident and stronger

Question 6 – What advice would you give to someone who’s contemplating signing up?

Caroline – Do it! You definitely won’t look back and the changes you make, habits you adopt & tasty recipes do endure into everyday life

Helen – I would recommend anyone to give it a try. It can help with movement, diet/nutrition, understanding your body, understanding your emotions in relation to food and your body. You also get access to a brilliant group of women all helping and cheering each other on

So what could be better right? Get in touch with me for more information or just go for it and get yourself signed up – TeamUp (

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