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Sports Bras…their importance and a few recommendations of good ones

By 27th December 2017Uncategorised

I get so many questions from mums at my classes about the best sports bras to wear whilst exercising and in particular from my Mum and Baby classes, to wear when breastfeeding.  I didn’t breastfeed for that long with either of my kids and am only a B cup so I didn’t have any first hand experience or knowledge/wisdom to impart so after a recommendation from Alex at my Altrincham class, I went on the Boobydoo website and got in touch with them, a specialist sports bra retailer, to get their advice which I could then impart onto you all!!

It is SOOOOOO important to wear a decent sports bra – not only to stop your boobs getting saggy but to protect the breast tissue from any high impact activities such as running.  As the boobydoo website states “During a run, your body uses over 200 muscles, your knees hit the ground with about eight times your body weight and your breasts move on average 14cm. A sports bra can reduce breast movement by 80%, saving you from damaging the tender ligaments that prevent breast sagging”

Boobydoo have an unbelievably huge range of sports bras (and have definitely NOT paid me to do this blog…this is just a personal recommendation to a fab company!)  On the website – you are not only able to shop by specific activity/sport, there is a “right size” section to help you buy the right type, size, etc and they even having a dedicated maternity section – you can get any type of sports bra you want no matter your size, shape or need!

The lovely Emily emailed me a few weeks back after me asking their advice on maternity bras and this is what she recommends:

  • The Cake Maternity Zest Sports Bra is a great bra for mum’s that are wanting to get back into more medium-high impact sports. It has a full structure and provides great support, comfort and a flattering style. It also provides security of a pragmatic nursing sports bra whilst offering sufficient support. It has a flexible wire, wider padded straps to reduce pressure, racer back conversion clip and most importantly a drop down cup for easy feeding. It ranges from a 32-40 band size and B-H cup.
  • Another brand within the Maternity Range is boob, this is a great brand that offer comfortable bras for busy mum’s. One of the bras which I would suggest is the Fast Food Soft Sports Bra, this offers low-medium support so great for everyday wear, yoga, pilates and fitness classes. We don’t suggest this bra for people doing high impact activities such as running as it wouldn’t offer sufficient support. But it offers comfort, good movement as it’s not restricting and also the material is quick drying and ultra-soft.
  • Finally the third brand we have in our Maternity range is Belabumbum, this is another great brand that have really thought about what features are essential for a mum who is breastfeeding. One of their bras which I would recommend is the Sporty Mesh Nursing Sports Bra. This bra is breathable and great for low-medium impact activities. It is wireless and lined with a contrast cotton for comfort. It also has an easy-one handed nursing clips to allow the cup to drop down easily for nursing.

So jump on the website and have a look round and see if there’s anything which takes your fancy.  They’ve also said if anybody from This Mum Can needs any help or advice then tell them to get in touch – they have a live chat, a contact number and obviously an email address too!

The other thing that I have now had 2 of my clients buy is a “booband” It is in essence a band which goes over the top of your normal sports bra and it stops any excessive movement and the two people who wear these rave about them – their boobs literally don’t move when doing circuits!

I’d love to hear of any other great hints/tips people have or any recommendations of great companies or other places to get sports bras and then I can add these great sites to my website to make sure people are getting the best advice and help out there and protecting their boobs as much as possible.

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