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This Mum Can and Red Sky Yoga…the perfect combination!!

By 28th June 2017Uncategorised

I hadn’t tried yoga before until I was pregnant with my 2nd baby Harry and before doing it, I didn’t really understand it or realise the huge benefits that it can have.  Yoga is fantastic.  It helps develop muscles, strength, flexibility and balance as well as help you to relax and therefore in turn reduce stress (always a bonus in my book!!)

A lot of my antenatal friends did pregnancy yoga the first time round and raved about how great it was for aches and pains and also for how much it helped them during labour with the breathing techniques that it teaches, etc so I was definitely up for trying it when I was pregnant with baby number 2!  This is when I found Red Sky Yoga in Sale.

My yoga teacher was called Phillipa and she was so lovely – just calming even to be around her!! I did a Saturday morning pregnancy yoga class pretty much religiously from 14 weeks pregnant till the end – even going when I was overdue (god I was massive then!!)  It was brilliant.  For me, it was a great way of exercising and staying active as I personally didn’t like running when I was pregnant.

The hours session was a fabulous bit of “me and bump” time without having an almost threenager by my side!  It was genuinely one of the only times I was every alone too as I was working 4 days a week at Kelloggs then and my day off was spent running after Chloe and the weekends were busy doing family stuff – you know how it goes!

Since becoming a personal trainer and starting the running clubs, I’ve done so much research into the different ways of improving your fitness and various different training methods and time and time again I kept coming back to the amazing benefits of yoga and running together.  Yoga and running to many could see like complete polar opposites but it’s proven fact that they totally complement each other.

Yoga aids in developing muscular strength, balance and flexibility which can not only reduce the risk of injury but it can also improve your breathing efficiency which is essential for becoming a great runner.  The element of cross-training between running and yoga is fabulous.  Yoga helps to strengthen your core, eases pain/injuries and can be a fabulous way of helping you run more efficiently and staying injury free.

Many of us runners have various aches and pains, some of which can be highlighted when running – and it’s no wonder as the average runner strikes the ground nearly 1000 times in a single mile!  The constant “pounding of pavements” can mean that you have issues in your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments and all of these can be strengthened, stretched and improved by doing Yoga.

So I’ll stop blabbering on about the benefits now and get to the point!  When I was doing my pregnancy yoga class, Sophie joined the class and we overlapped by about a month before I had Harry.  After starting This Mum Can, I kept seeing Sophie on social media and quickly realised that she actually owned Red Sky Yoga!!  So I got in contact and requested her as a friend on Facebook.  My thought process was, how cool would it be if two women who run fitness businesses in Sale could work together to complement each other

And that’s exactly what’s happening!  We had a chat (should say meeting really shouldn’t I!! It was more of a chat and play with her two beautiful boys!!) and decided it would be great to offer each other’s clients something so that they can try something different which could complement their exercise routine!

I am offering a free session to anyone who comes down with one of the special flyers that you can pick up from Red Sky’s yoga studios on Washway Road in Sale and on Hampson Street in Sale Moor.  This is for any of my classes – all my circuit training classes as well as my Monday night drop in running club

And…Red Sky Yoga are offering all This Mum Can’ers a 10% discount to any of the yoga classes that are available.  Please give Sophie a call on 07788205662 or drop her an email to [email protected] and she will give you a unique code to use online when booking your session!  Let me know how you get on 🙂

I look forward to welcoming some Red Sky Yoga people to my classes in the near future.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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