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3 tips for dressing your little one for a mother and baby exercise class

By 17th February 2020Uncategorised

If you’re headed to one of Becca’s exercise classes with your baby, it’s important that they’re dressed right to keep them feeling comfortable. Here, Steve Cochrane MBE, Managing Director of Childrenswardrobe, shares his tips for dressing your little one for a mother and baby exercise class.

Keeping fit doesn’t have to take a backseat once you’ve had kids. In fact, if you opt for a mother and baby class, it can be a great way to stay healthy, de-stress and bond with your little one at the same time.

If you’re thinking of taking your baby to exercise classes with you, or you just fancy a walk or jog outside with the pram, you’ll want your little bundle of joy to be comfortable. And that means choosing the right clothing. Below, I’ll be giving you my top tips to help you dress your baby for an exercise class.

Choose the right fabrics

Although they won’t be doing much exercise themselves, you’ll still need to bear in mind your baby’s temperature when dressing them for your classes. What you put your baby in can depend entirely on the location and season. For classes that are taking place indoors, be mindful that the room can heat up quickly as everyone is working hard. To keep your little one cool, look for soft, thin, breathable fabrics like cotton blends. Try to avoid pure cotton though, as this can hold onto moisture and could make your baby feel uncomfortable instead.

Alternatively, if your exercise class will take place outside, you might want to wrap them up a little more, especially in the winter. Add a wool or polyester base layer underneath your little one’s clothing to give them an extra layer of insulation. If you can, choose merino wool, which is soft and thermal, but will wick away any moisture.

Add a few layers

When exercising outdoors, especially in the winter, it’s best to layer your baby’s clothing instead of applying one thick jumper or coat. As a general rule, you should dress your baby in one more layer than you’re wearing. Look for thin garments, like baby grows, long sleeved T-shirts, leggings, and a waterproof coat. These should be easy to remove with full-length front openings so you can take one off with minimal fuss if they get too hot.

Don’t forget your baby’s head, hands and feet, too. These are the areas where they can lose the most heat, so they’ll need to be covered to keep your little one warm and toasty. Look for little socks and booties, a hat and a pair of mittens to keep your baby cosy. Don’t forget to pack a few extra items of clothing in your nappy bag, so you can dress them in another layer to keep them warm and snug if they get too cold.

Check their temperature

Babies are more sensitive to the cold than adults are, which means their body temperature can fluctuate quickly. You can easily check if your baby is too hot or cold, even without a thermometer.

Feel their tummy with your hand. If it feels hot to the touch (not warm), then your baby might be overheating, and you should remove a layer. It’s normal for your baby’s toes to feel slightly cool, but if they feel cold, and their tummy feels cold as well, then you might want to add another layer to help them warm up.

If you’re thinking of joining an exercise class with your little one in tow, it’s important that they’re wearing the right clothing. By following the tips in this guide, you can make sure that your baby will be warm and comfortable no matter where you are.



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