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Who stole March?

By 5th April 2017Uncategorised

It’s becoming a recurring theme but where in the world is time going??! As if it’s April already. Come on – own up – who stole March??!! Ha ha

It’s been a whirlwind and unfortunately I’m feeling unbelievably stressed with everything at the minute but I’m hoping that by this time next week when I’ve one more class to run before flying off to the sunshine that the world will look a bit brighter!!

I feel stressed at the minute with what seems like everything – work, extension, holiday, life in general!! Everything seems to be going at a million miles an hour and it’s pretty hard going living life constantly like that. I feel like I’m teetering on the edge….why oh why did I decide to start a new business and get an extension within 6 months!! Thank the lord for our project manager Gem – don’t know what I’d do without her!!

The final straw was this morning when I took Chloe to nursery to walk into the pre-school room and see EVERYONE dressed up as superheroes. I missed it – apparently it was in the weekly newsletter which for the first time in about 3 years I didn’t read as I was on a (epic) hen do this weekend!! I cried in the car – what a loser – over fancy dress! But it wasn’t about fancy dress – it was a kind of symbol of how much I’m juggling at the minute and how me being this busy and stressed affects others. I’m sure Chloe didn’t give a damn – in fact I reckon she thought it was quite cool walking into a room full of superheroes!! The nursery had a few spare outfits that they said they’d put her in after breakfast so hopefully when I pick her up in a bit, she’ll have had a great day.

This got me thinking about stress and how it affects me. There are so many little triggers for stress which can so easily turn a normally sane person (ha – who am I kidding!!) into a little bit of a mentalist! I keep losing my rag at the slightest things and I feel like I’m juggling everything and winging it just enough to cope with everything but not enough to be doing anything to my best. I try writing it down (because if I’m honest if I don’t, I’ll forget it!) but then even that seems to be failing at the minute as I have too many different lists and I don’t know where to start so I end up procrastinating about the big things and missing the little ones.

In terms of the business – that’s actually one thing that I’m not actually stressed about – for the first time in 7 months anyway. Or maybe I still am but everything else is just trumping it so I’m not feeling it – ha ha. March has been amazing – I started a new beginners running club with 37 ladies in, I started a new 5-10k club with 18 ladies in, got another couple of stories about me on social media (made me feel totally famous the one from the Great Run people!!) and I’ve got a few exciting ideas in the pipeline which will hopefully come to fruition later on in May or early June – watch this space!

Hopefully a break and a time to relax (yeah right, Hong Kong with the hubby, the parents and the two kids!!) or at the very least drink a lot of nice wine in the sunshine!! We’re off to Vietnam for 4 days which is just going to be amazing!! Been a LOOOOOOONG time since we chilled in a beach resort!

But first, I’m hoping to have a extremely productive weekend starting with clearing my head at Stretford Parkrun on Saturday morning with some lovely This Mum Can runners…otherwise I’ll be in a bit of a pickle by the time it comes to Wednesday and I realise that I haven’t got anything sorted at all for the holiday!!

Right I’m off – got to go do pickup and hope to god the little ones have no idea about this mornings #epicfail!!

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